What Might Happen After Bail Bonds Issued

After a bail bond is issued, it is not the last you need see of the bail bond officer. There are still other matters arising that the bailbonds Ventura officer would be required to attend to. There are still the post-arrest custody arrangements that still need to be made. And companies like Ventura County Bail Bonds would be around for pre-trial release arrangements as well. Now, three things would usually happen after a law enforcement officer has made an arrest and initiated a booking.

Initially, the law enforcement officer could release a defendant with a written notice to make his or her court appearance. Also, the law enforcement officer could give the arrestee an opportunity to raise the required bail amount to secure a release. This could be done with the cooperation of a bail bond officer, usually one who is legally recognised by the presiding courts. Thirdly, and this could be seen as a last resort, the law enforcement agency could decide to keep the defendant behind bars.

Said defendant would need to remain behind bars until such time that the court holds the inevitable bail hearing. This would almost always be done in the most severe cases, particularly in violent offenses, still regarded as amongst the most heinous no matter what the circumstances. Once it has been decided that bail can be arranged, bail schedules would then need to be presented to the arrestee.

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It could also happen that in minor offense cases, defendants would be issued fines which could still be arranged with the cooperation of bail bond officials given that there may well be defendants who are in no sound financial position to pay such fines. All stakeholders would like nothing more to see a defendant walk free to protect their already strained resources.